free starcoins and stardollars

1st step
First of all, you need to connect your Stardoll account with your Facebook. If you've already connected them, read the 2nd step.
1. Log in to your Facebook and Stardoll accounts
2. Go to My account page by clicking HERE
3. Scroll down to the end of the page until you find Facebook logo
4. Click Connect to Facebook

5. A pop-up widow will appear, after clicking Allow button it will disappear, Stardoll page will reload.
6. You should see You are now connected to Facebook! text.
7. Click Save Settings Button

2nd step
Now, to get the Starcoins (later - Stardollars):
1. Log in to Facebook
2. Click HERE
3. Wait till Stardoll app loads
4. A reward table should appear:

5. That's it, you just got your daily reward.
To get the other rewards, visit the Stardoll app daily.

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