Free RBB Mirror and Cupcake

Free RBB Mirror and Cupcake-If you are from UK - Join a club by clicking HERE and then Click on the cupcake HERE
-If you don't live in UK, Follow these steps
1)Go to UK proxy site like -
guardmy.info/ OR 2m4u.com/ OR port80proxy.com OR slygeek.com/ uhuf.com/ OR militaryprox.info/
2)Copy and Paste clubs link in the blank box in proxy site:
3)Hit Enter or Click on Go/Browse button
4)Log in stardoll, Wait a little till page loads
You will have the mirror
5)For cupcake, Go to Scenery page
6)Click on the cupcake, you will be redirected to club page
7)Leave proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Items should be in a RBB bag in your suite [:

.... I guess daily there will be a new free item to be found [:
So tomorrow let's look-out for the bag [:

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