►Free Facebook Gifts

1)Make a spare Facebook account (for those who all the times when there are free stuff connected with FB yell that they won't do it - without doing it, you won't get them) and Log in Facebook
2)In another tab, Open stardoll, Log in and Go to My settings
3)Scroll down and Click on Connect to Facebook button
4)Find a stardoll member on FB and Add her on FB (or make another FB account and connect it with with spare stardoll account) and then Wait till request gets accepted (or accept it yourself if it is your account)
5)Then Go to FB's stardoll: http://apps.facebook.com/stardoll_feed/
6)Click on - I already have account
7)Write stardoll nick and pass to Log in and Click on Connect&Play
8)Go to Gifts section, Choose a gift, Click Send button and Look for your friend (or your spare FB account)
and then when you have found it, Click on send requests button
NOTICE - YOU CAN SEND ONLY ONE GIFTS PER FRIEND - SO - if you want all of the daily gifts, you need many spare FB accounts :D
9)When you have sent yourself/got a gift on your main account, Go to FB's stardoll's Receive gifts section and to accept the gift Click on Check out your new gifts button - without clicking on it in 2 days, you will loose the gift
10)You will be redirected to FB's stardoll suite, Open the giftbox and there it will be.
11)Then you can go back to stardoll.com and have your usual time on stardoll
Notice - that if you get many gifts, you will still have to click - each time - on the Check out your new gifts button to get them.

Each day there will be other free gifts to give

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